Dr Eslee Enzyme Base Washing Powder

Dr Eslee Enzyme Base Washing Powder

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First cleansing action facilitated by skin affinitive amino surfactant of weak acid activators.
Second cleansing action facilitated by botanical enzymes that remove lipid and protein remnants.
Specially designed dispensing cap helps keep products safe and controls the amount dispensed with each use.

1. Supplementary cleanser to protect NMF on skin
Everyday soap overly removes NMF existing on the skin surface, indiscriminately taking off various kinds of amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It accelerates shedding of the skin, and causes dry skin. Enzyme Base Washing Powder added with skin affinitive amino surfactant of weak acid activators prevents skin becomes dry.

2. A weak-acid cleanser
Generally, most soaps are strong alkali, which disturbs skin function of "neutralizatium" It aggravates the skin causing it to be more tired, and irritates blemish-troubled skin. As Enzyme Base Washing Powder has pH similar to skin, it is not a stimulus for skin and can be effectively used for all skin types.

3. Combination of botanical enzymes
Combination of botanical enzymes helps remove the make-up recidues deeply inside skin efficiently, handles oily skin problems from breakouts and helps in overall oil control

  • 60g
  • To Use:
  • Push the tip of the lid upwards and hold the bottle upside down.
  • Pour the fixed amount of the powder, which will automatically be dispensed out (about 1g), onto your palm, lather with water, apply to face and then wash off.
  • This specially designed cap keeps products safe and allows constant amount to be dispensed.